Andy Browning is an expedition leader, writer, and part time geography teacher with a full time passion for travel and adventure.  


Whilst at university Andy managed to convince someone to allow him to spend a year poking volcanoes in Mexico, and on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat, which cemented his love for travel, and sparked what was to become a fascination with the lesser visited corners of our planet.  Since then Andy has ventured into deserts in search of more volcanoes, sweated through the jungles of Central Africa, and spent a year living on one of the world's most remote islands.  

Often travelling overland on sketchy public buses, eating whatever dubious snacks can be bought through the window, and sleeping whenever and wherever the bus inevitably breaks down, Andy embraces the lifestyle of the budget explorer, proving that you don't need huge sums of cash in order to experience the wonder of new places, and is living testament to how far even the most modest budget will get you if you are prepared to approach things slightly differently to a tourist or holiday maker.

Andy has recently taken this one step further by discovering the joys of bicycle touring after buying himself a bicycle, and completing the classic cycle journey - John O Groats to Lands End.  Looking for the next challenge, Andy then cycled across the country, this time from the UK's eastern cardinal point in Suffolk to the Welsh coast, and he hopes his two wheels will take him on another long distance adventure again soon.

When not travelling to far flung corners, Andy can be found failing to look cool drinking flat whites in the coffee shops of East London and the East Midlands, lugging a rucksack around the mountains of the United Kingdom as a GetOutside Champion for the Ordnance Survey, and using his skills and experiences to try and convince young people (and older young people) that geography really is the best subject they can study.