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Have you ever wanted to explore?

Set up to document my travels, Andy Explores is a website dedicated to seeking out experiences and adventures wherever they might be lurking - unconventional and often embarrassing, these are the stories which I hope will serve to inspire others to have their own adventures, break down preconceptions about the less visited corners of our planet, and make people laugh, whilst hopefully proving that exploring the world isn't something which is limited to the rich or the highly skilled.

"Adventuring can be for the ordinary person with ordinary qualities, such as I regard myself" - Edmund Hillary

I have recently returned from an expedition to the Peruvian Amazon, prior to that I spent nine months collecting stories on an overland trip through Central America, following in the footsteps of my great grandfather in the deserts of North Africa, and three months of trekking through the Tanzanian mountains.

Back in the UK alongside planning for the next big adventure, I have had the honour of being selected by the Ordnance Survey to be one of their #GetOutside Champions for 2017, meaning I will be doing my utmost to inspire more people to have their own adventure in the great outdoors.

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