"Aku se tino Tuvalu..."

Hidden in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu is the world's fourth smallest independent country.  Comprising of nine small islands which can only boast a combined land mass of 26 km², Tuvalu is a remarkable and truly unique part of the world.  I was fortunate enough to spend a year living and working on these beautiful islands, which most people have never heard of, experiencing things I never would have dreamed of.  The following is a collection of my stories and experiences, punctuated with pictures and videos documenting my time in this beautiful corner of our planet.

Sights of Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a photographers dream, the deep magenta of the sunsets, the lush, verdant green of the palms, and a lagoon so turquoise I can only describe it as 'Tuvaluan blue', this gallery documents my attempts at capturing this Pacific beauty.


scouting for tuvalu

How do you go about starting a youth organisation in one of the world's smallest countries?  Despite being the biggest mixed youth organisations on the planet, it wasn't until I was tasked with the job of rejuvenating Scouting in Tuvalu that I really began to understand what it means for an organisation to be considered truly 'global'