"Koe fano ki fea?"

"Where are you going?" - Tuvaluan Greeting

Hidden in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu is the world's fourth smallest independent country.  Comprising of nine small islands which can only boast a combined land mass of 26 km², Tuvalu is a remarkable and truly unique part of the world.  Answering a cryptic advert for 'Scout Development Ambassador - South Pacific' Andy somehow found himself on this speck in the Pacific completely unprepared for life in the middle of nowhere.   The following year saw him getting to grips with Tuvaluan life, contending with mischievous native spirits, karaoke-singing sharks, drunk hairdressers, and the perpetual enigma of a tropical island without any fruit or vegetables.  The following pictures and blog posts document the stories of everyday life in an exceptional part of world. 

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Sights of Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a photographers dream, the deep magenta of the sunsets, the lush, verdant green of the palms, and a lagoon so turquoise I can only describe it as 'Tuvaluan blue', this gallery documents my attempts at capturing this Pacific beauty.


scouting for tuvalu

How do you go about starting a youth organisation in one of the world's smallest countries?  Despite being the biggest mixed youth organisations on the planet, it wasn't until I was tasked with the job of rejuvenating Scouting in Tuvalu that I really began to understand what it means for an organisation to be considered truly 'global'

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